Books & Media - Erotic Fiction

Escape from the everyday! Allow yourself to explore the the sexual realm of fantasy with Sexploratorium's curated collection of  erotic fantasy books, DVDs, and audio books that explore a wide range of interests, identities and fictional situations.

Note that we have attempted to identify the main characters in each book to provide clues to the content of each story. Many fetishistic themed  stories are in and of themselves gender diverse and fluid (such as the work of Laura Antoniou) others focus on traditional or nontraditional dynamics of gay, lesbian, heterosexual, bisexual or trans sexuality and still others cater to more traditional (or more modern) heterosexual cisgender partnerships From quickies, excursions, and sexperiments,

PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium offers a collection of erotic featuring a variety of characters. Although the  settings and plots of these stories is diverse, the unifying themes are varying characters  in various positions of sexual undress , prowess and engagement.