Return to the Chateau Pauline  Reage

Return to the Chateau Pauline Reage

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Pauline Réage’s Story of O continues as a woman returns to the place of her most intimate initiation.

  • “O” is a Parisian photographer who makes a bold choice to follow her most forbidden desires
  • Her story takes her to the deepest, most dangerous places of domination, where the pleasures of the flesh meet the needs of the heart.
  • O’s journey sweeps her from the compelling embrace of René, where she gained understanding of true physical surrender, to the mysterious Sir Stephen.
  • At the chateau, Sir Stephen teaches women learn to master the sensual arts.
  • In this private club, O is challenged to release everything but her desire to be a willing vessel of pleasur
  • Forced to confront who she is and what she truly wants, O wavers as jealousy, sadistic games, and uncertainty make her question the lines she has crossed for love
  • O can only wonder: How far and how deep will she go? And where will it stop?
  • Fetish themes include total power exchange and "forced" sexual activity
  • There are no clear negotiations or consent acquisitions in the narrative of this fictional book
  • 1995 Paperback 187 pages

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