Lubricant Water Based

Water-Based Liquids: Water-based lubricants are a go-to lubricant because they are compatible with just about any material and are good for sensitive bodies, as they are primarily based in water. When in doubt about the material of a toy or the sensitivity of one’s partner, go water-based. Water-based liquids are generally runnier in consistency. The main drawback to water-based lubricant is that it dries out much quicker than a silicone lubricant because the water absorbs into the person's body and/or evaporates. To remedy this, it is possible to reactivate the lubricant with more water from a spray bottle, spit etc., or just add more lube.

Water-based Gels: Water-based gels have similar features and drawbacks to water-based liquids, except that they are generally thicker in consistency. Water-based gels are advised over water-based liquids for anal play, as the thickness creates extra cushion for the lining of the anus which can be prone to tearing if not careful. 

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