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Titan Hephaistos Bracelet

Titan Hephaistos Bracelet

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This amazing jewelry from Axsmar Germany stays locked on (it is recommended that the lock be opened monthly to make sure all mechanisms work correctly)

Paired with the "pendant' style key, this makes a great alternative to the traditional wedding band for partners who cannot, or choose not to wear rings.

  • Description: Metal locking bracelet
  • Occasions: Great for those who want a modern but discreet way to collar or a wedding band.
  • Materials: Hypoallergenic Titanium, Stainless Steel
  • Sizes Available: Circumference
    • 17 cm, (6.6 in)
    • 17.5 cm, (6.8 in)
    • 18 cm, (7 in)
    • 18.5 cm, (7.2 in)
    • 19 cm, (7.4 in)
  • Hex Key Lock Instructions:
    • To open, gently turn hex key counterclockwise until it naturally stops; then turn 1/4 turn clockwise. Complete these steps on both sides, before pulling l the sides of the front piece to liberate the back piece. Do not overscrew.
    • To close, make sure the lock holes are lined up with the lock screws, then insert the back piece into one end of the front piece and then pull the opposite end to contain the plugs on the back piece. Gently screw the pins clockwise until they naturally stop turning. Do not overscrew
  • Maintenance: Locks should be opened and closed monthly to make sure parts are functional and to prevent mechanical problems.
  • Comes with a titanium Hex Key with a pendant opening for the keyholder. Extra keys may be purchased separately.
  • Made in Germany by Gerd Axmar.
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