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Titan Hephaistos Bracelet

Titan Hephaistos Bracelet

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This amazing titanium jewelry from Axsmar Germany stays locked on (it is recommended that the lock be opened monthly to make sure all mechanisms work correctly)

To use the lock, insert the key and trun countercocwise gently until it comes to a stop. Then, genly turn 1/3 to the right to level up locking mechanism before closing to relock. Do not force the key to move or you can strip the lockingmechanism and ruin the bracelet.

Titanium does not set off metal detectors, but may cause you to be searched as a "no alarm"  if visible during a metal detector securty scan.

Paired with the "pendant' style key, this makes a great alternative to the traditional wedding band for partners who cannot, or choose not to wear rings.

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