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Looking for a fashionable restraint that looks like jewelry even as it is inescapable? Meet Talena, a luxury  titanium collar that looks amazing with any wardrobe from mundane office wear to magical erotic apparel
  • Round titanium tube curves to match the curves of the neckline and looks like a fashionable matte finish white metal necklace
  • The collar has a main segment (front) and a smaller removable segment(back of neck), that is, centered by aligning pins, held in place by the spring force of the main part.
  • Effort is required  to open and close the circlet,  even without locking the pins
  • Sizes go up in 1cm steps (approximately 1/2"), so the collar fits well and is good to wear, even for a longer period.
  • Hypoallergenic titanium has the strength of metal with the lightness of wood.
  • Titanium, while similar to metals does not show up on most metal detection devices and is good for travel (voyager beware: if you wear this through an airport and it is visible, you may be put in the "extra search needed" category because it looks like metal but doesn't show up, so consider wearing under a high sweater high collar shirt unless you simply enjoy the extra attention)
  • We stock the lockable version, where the lock is almost invisible: just two tiny holes on the back for working the screws. This also can be special ordered in the non-locking version for the symbolism with the ability to remove easily for medical or other reasons
  • Here shown with micro-groove-finish, also available in pearl or mirror polished.
  • Material thickness 8 mm, with or without locking mechanism.
  • Weight about 160gr or about 6 oz. for a size 38cm
  • Hex key lock: 
    To open, gently turn hex key counterclockwise until it naturally stops; then turn 1/4 turn clockwise. Complete these steps on both sides, before pulling l the sides of the front piece to liberate the back piece. Do not overscrew.
    To close, make sure the lock holes are lined up with the lock screws, then insert the back piece into one end of the front piece and then pull the opposite end to contain the plugs on the back piece. Gently screw the pins clockwise until they naturally stop turning. Do not overscrew
  • Maintenance: Locks should be opened and closed monthly to make sure parts are functional and to prevent mechanical problems.
  • Choose to wear everyday as a symbolic (but effective) necklace, or create collar functionality with the Talena Collar O-Ring Option
  • Comes with a titanium Talena Key with a pendant opening for the keyholder. Extra keys may be purchased separately.
  • Made in Germany by Gerd Axmar.
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