Passion 101: Sex Education for College Students Presentation

Passion 101: Sex Education for College Students Presentation

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Passion 101: Sex Education for College Students is an outreach program through Passional Boutique & Sexploratorium. Our mission is to provide informative engaging workshops and presentations to college campuses that support students in gaining valuable tools and resources for improving their sexual health and wellness. We offer four curriculum facilitated by certified professionals trained in the field of sexuality:

Real Talk: Consent, Healthy Relationships, and Safer Sex

Real Talk is an engaging discussion-based workshop to support students in their sexual health and wellbeing. Through skill-building activities and honest conversations, participants will learn the basis of consent, how to communicate with partners, define healthy relationships for themselves, and gain valuable tools to prevent STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

Pathways to Pleasure

In this beginner workshop, we will dive into the exciting world of pleasure! Sex education can often be fear-based and exclude the fun & fulfilling aspects of sexuality. Through self-reflection and interactive participation, students will have the opportunity to explore their wants & needs, learn about various toys & techniques to enhance their sexual experiences, and gain confidence & resources to support their journey in discovering their own pathway to pleasure.

Kink & BDSM for Beginners

Join certified sex educators for an interactive class on the concepts and basics of kink and BDSM! Participants will learn vocabulary, consent, negotiation, and safety techniques in the following areas: Impact Play, Bondage & Restraint, and Sensation Play. The workshop will emphasize how to establish clear communication and boundaries through live demonstration.

Beyond the Binary: Queer and Trans Sex 101

Beyond the Binary is an explorative and engaging workshop on gender affirming pleasure! Whether you identify as gender expansive or you are intimate with someone under the trans umbrella, this space is for you. Topics will include: language, communication, trans specific techniques, toy demos, hormones, and more!

All workshops are open to students of any gender, sexuality, and experience. Customized presentations are available to meet the specific needs of any audience!

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