Rose Flogger Purple and Black

Rose Flogger

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Looking for an exquisite bouquet of sensation? This hand crafted long-stemmed floral fetish toy  delivers all the love, all of the time! This truly is a fabulous work of art is also fully usable. 

  •  When used softly, the roses feel like a dozen beanbags lightly dropped to create a soft thuddy sensation.
  • Swing it harder and the intensity increases all the way to the point of feeling like a dozen miniature fists pelting the recipient's skin and muscles.
  • The handle is a wider handle than most floggers with a diameter just over 1 inch. The "rose stems" are braided suede and are approximately 15" long.
  • At the end of each stem is a rose, made of a softer suede formed into a gorgeous "rose bud" that extends approximately an inch and a half out from the stem.
  • A great gift for Valentines, Collaring ceremonies and Wedding registries
  • Special Request orders require 4-6 weeks fulfillment time unless rush fees are offered. 
  • Available Colors: Black, Red, Purple, Teal, Pink, Forest Green
  • We also recommend restraints to make the body more accessible to this tool and our bestselling rose gag
  • Handmade in Michigan, USA
  • PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium warranties all products against defects for 30 days

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