Jobmaster Lace-Up Boots

Jobmaster Lace-Up Boots

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No need to to switch out your footwear to suit whatever you are doing. Versatility is the name of the game for these Wesco legends. Not content to just provide a durable, sturdy, work boot, Wesco also added in sweat-resistant insoles for those whose work demands more than the average eight hour day.  

  • Extreme working conditions may tear at this boot, but seven ounces of full-grain leather means having a long time before you have to worry about replacing them.
  • The Jobmaster's thick, white stitching enures your boots will stay sturdy and strong under the roughest conditions.
  • These water-resistant boots also work hard to keep your socks dry whether you are caught in wet conditions indoors or outdoors.
  • Brass Hardware ads flair to looks for work, steampunk, post apocolyptic and outdoor looks.
  • The Jobmaster's Poron insert hopes to alleviate that heel pain by absorbing those shocks to your feet as you move through your day.
  • This boot can take you wherever you need to go: mountains, in the snow, the construction site, and much more.
  • For an unbeatable boot designed for multitudes of situations, check out the Wesco Jobmaster
  • 100 Vibram Lug Sole 100 to steady your step as you hike, hunt, or just trek around.
  • Jobmaster work boots are primed and ready for any possible situation you can come up with: construction work, manufacturing work, and much more.
  • Nickle Hardware/Eyelets
  • Full-Leather Gusset
  • Permanently formed Stytherm™ Counter
  • Sweat-resistant Full-Leather Insole
  • Full-Leather Midsole
  • Non standard/ custom sizes add $20

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