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Iron Knob Chastity Tube

Iron Knob Chastity Tube

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The Ball trap style chastity cage has been around for years - so how did they reinvent the wheel? 

Making the tube with a highly ergonomic ring designed to fit snuggly and comfortably behind the testicles was paramount to the design brief.

Ball trap chastity cages work best with a Prince Albert (PA) piercing but  not every one is pierced, so there is an anti pullout ring to remove the need for PA piercing. 

These Iron Knob chastity tubes have a small rubber ring that is looped over the head of the penis then secured to the locking post with a security screw lock. Attaching this rubber loop makes it hard to pull the penis free from the chastity tube. 

Handmade in Surgical Steel in Australia Chose your perfect sized tube. 

Iron knob comes in 3 different size chastity tube options. 

  • Small - tube internal diameter 29mm length 40mm 

  • Medium - tube internal diameter 30mm length 52mm 

  • Large - tube internal diameter 35mm length 63mm  

Each chastity tube has a sliding rail to allow the tube to be moved into a place higher or lower on the shaft. 


Selecting the correct tube size

Measure the flaccid penis on the underside of your shaft. This is the part of your penis that's going to be locked away.
Place a ruler or measuring tape against your scrotum and measure the length of your flaccid shaft. 
If you get tuned on by the through or having your cock locked away you might want to get an ice pack or take a short break from measuring.

 Flaccid penis length in mm Small 32-50mm
Medium 50-102mm 
Large 102-135mm Plus 

 Ergonomic Cock Rings

Each tube selection comes with 3 ergonomic cock rings sizes these are interchangeable and allow you to find the best snug secure fit.

Economic cock rings sizing - to behind testicles.

  • Small - 48mm width  

  • Medium - 54mm width 

  • Large - 60mm width 

Ring sizes


The Iron Knob uses high grade stainless steel security hex screws these can only be opened using the special key provided. These have been designed to save weight and reduce pressure on the testicles and allowing for a better fit and longer wear. Rest assured there will be no jiggling lock sounds. 

Prince Albert (PA) Attachment 

If you have taken that big step to have a PA piercing good on you. Now you can add the PA ring hook to permanently secure the Iron knob chastity cage 

What's in the box?

  • 1x Iron Knob chastity tube of your selected size 

  • 3x ergonomic cock rings - a small, medium & large 

  • 1x Anti pull out rubber ring attachment 

  • 2x Security hex screws and keys 


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