Interchangeable Tail Plug PLUG

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Don't feel like you have to get stuck with just one plug and tail set. Show off your personality and ever changing style with this interchangeable plug and tail system. This plug system allows you to choose the right size for you, or your pet, without compromising on the style of tail you want to wag around. You have the option of a screw-in base or magnetic base to customize your desired look with easy switch solutions.

  • Stainless Steel Butt Plug
  • Interchangeble System
  • Screw-On or Magnetic Base
  • Variety of Sizes 
  • Customizable Set
  • Easy to Clean

Available Sizes: 

  • Small- 3" Circum
  • Medium- 4.35" Circum
  • Large- 5" Circum

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