Geeky and Kinky Scoob Gang Pins

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It's your Mystery Van-traveling crime fighting team like you've never seen them before! Get yours while supplies last! 

  • Description: Soft 2" enamel pin with two rubber backers
  • Occasions: Can be worn on shirts, bags, jackets and vests!
  • Available Styles:
    • Danger Prone Daphne: 1.5"  She's enthusiastic, but clumsy and danger-prone managing to get herself tied up quite often. 
    • Daphne V2: Daphne just keeps getting herself in trouble! 
    • Freddy1.5" It's the leader of the Mystery Gang, and it looks like he's a bit tied up.  
    • Jinkies: 1.5" Jinkies Scooby, Velma's found herself in another situation!  
    • Jinkies V2: 1.25" JINKIES!! Velma is back! Looks like Velma got herself in a bit of a gag!  
    • Scoob: 1.5" Scooby is all dressed up for a night of puppy play! 
    • Shaggy:  1.5" Remember that time Shaggy got caught wearing Daphne's clothes in the back of the Mystery Machine? We do, but oddly enough, we couldn't find any reference to that episode. 
    • Mistress Nerdy Girl: 2" Mistress is always looking for a good submissive pay pig! 
    • Sir Blonde Guy: 2" This blonde guy is ready for a night out at the bar! 
    • The Red Headed Goddess: 2" Everyone's favorite mystery hunting Red Head is in her best dominatrix gear and ready for you to worship her!
  • Wear these Geeky and Kinky Pins along with these other accents!
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  • Made in the U.S.A.

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