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Contrast Pleat Cargo Kilt

Contrast Pleat Cargo Kilt

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This classic utility kilt style is recreated from the original design by The Kilted Nation. The added flash of contrasting color or pattern to each pleat allows you to flag your lifestyle. Fully functional, and best of all, adjustable by four inches on each side at both the waist and the hip, this sturdy cotton kilt is great for any casual occasion. Sewn-in pleats, two roomy cargo pockets and leather straps (vegan leather option also available) for wrap-around adjustments means this style will grow or shrink with your body! The D-ring accents around the waistband allow you to clip on equipment, keys, wallet, or whatever you need to keep handy. Accessorize your nudist fashion sensibilities (but stay legal) with your supplies handy in this lightweight kilt. Trips to the supermarket never felt so breezy!

  • Wide set belt loops perfectly fit our 2" kilt belts
  • Customizable colors or details to match your favorite cosplay characters, house colors, kingdom or club colors, flagging colors or special occasion colors (perfect for weddings and performances).
  • Available Sizes: 28-54" waist, Custom
  • Fitting: Measure your waist across your belly button to determine what size kilt you will need.  These kilts are designed to fit from the waist to the knees (there is some debate as to how far onto the knees the length must extend, but because many of our customers wear boots we recommend a length that ends just at the top of the knee so that you can show some leg but stay legal- you shouldn't be kneeling on it but it should provide full coverage from the front and the back).
  • Available Length: We stock kilts in 22" lengths, but we can special order other lengths as requested.
  • Available Color: stocked kilt bodies are solid black with contrasting under pleat fabrics.
  • Contrast color pleats: Red, Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple, 
    Red Tartan, Digital Camo or your special request made to order (allow 8-12 weeks for delivery as special orders take time to make and ship)
  • To special order this item in custom colors or sizes, please make sure to include desired waist and hip circumference as well as length in the "notes" of your order, and call us 215-829-4986 to confirm that your information was received (allow 4-8 weeks minimum for delivery) or email us at
  • PASSIONAL store warranty on all non-sale products is 30 days against any manufacturing defects. 
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