Cargo Kilt

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This classic utility kilt style is recreated from the original design by The Kilted Nation

Fully functional, and best of all, adjustable by four inches on each side at both the waist and the hip, this sturdy cotton kilt is great for any casual occasion. Sewn-in pleats, two roomy cargo pockets and leather straps for wrap-around adjustments this style will grow or shrink with your body!

UPDATE: Now sewn with box pleats, some stock may still have the original z-pleats. If you have a preference, let us know and we will match product or order your requested preference.

  • Mid-weight cotton
  • Cargo style pockets
  • Adjustable, snap closures
  • Leather straps (vegan leather option available)
  • Customizable design and colors
  • D-ring accents around the waistband
  • Wide set belt loops

Fit: Measure your waist across your bellybutton to determine what size kilt you will need.  Modern kilts are designed to fit from the waist to the knees (there is some debate as to how far onto the knees the lenth should extend, but because many of our customers wear boots we recommend a length that ends just at the top of the knee so that you can show some leg but stay legal- you shouldn't be kneeling on it but it should provide full coverage from the front and the back). We stock kilts in 22" lengths, but we can special order other lengths as requested.