Bipolar Aluminum Egg Insertable

Bipolar Aluminum Egg Insertable

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Made of highest-grade aluminum, these new insertables are solid, durable, and extremely comfortable. 

  • Features:
    Aluminum takes less power to operate and is more affordable than the comparable stainless steel models.
    Bipolar design works independently on a  single channel, with a 2.5mm plug.
  • Size:
    Length is 60mm, diameter is 25mm. (1 inch = 25mm)
  • Power source:
    Works with any power box that has 2.5mm input ( or with other boxes- if your power box uses a different size, we can special order an adapter for you) 
  • Notes and recommendations: 
    Use a gloved hand to remove this item from the body to prevent wear and damage to the cord
    Due to the textured parts of this probe, it is recommended for use on one person. 
    Clean thoroughly between uses with disinfectant. Rinse and dry thoroughly before putting into storage to prevent mould and bacteria buildup
    Use SpectraGel to assure contact with bodily tissue and to prevent uncomfortable "hot spots"
  • Warranty:
    This personal item is not returnable or exchangeable.
    All PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium merchandise is warrantied against defects for 30 days with free replacement

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