Basic Evil Stick

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Looking for maximum bite that takes up a minimum of space in your toy bag or on your person? This miniature marvel lives up to its name!

  • Pull back and snap for maximum effect
  • Carbon fiber shaft is stingy and virtually unbreakable when snapped but is relatively mild when tapped or poked from the end
  • Beaded end options make a great thud when snapped against the skin, sometimes in interesting shapes. Beads also make a good grip when held in the hand to snap the opposite end
  • Electroconductive shaft is a great accessory to violet wand and predicament play
  • Makes a great hair stick for holding a bun in long hair- making it always handy
  • Can easily slip into any pocket or purse or glove compartment or saddle bag!
  • Handmade in Pennsylvania, USA  by Papa Scott
  • Lifetime warranty against defects by Flogger Knows Best

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