Basic Double-Locking Handcuffs

Basic Double-Locking Handcuffs

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These double lock handcuffs are an economy brand made for law enforcement (meets or exceeds military standards). Police handcuffs are inescapable restraints that are not conducive to struggle.

  • Knowing how to use the double lock is a key for safe use- if the cuffs are not double-locked they will continue to tighten and are much more likely to cause injury.
  • In a BDSM context as is the imperative that whomever is playing captive take care not to pull and struggle in a way that can cause injry.
  • To activate the double lock, use the spike on top of the cuff key to press in the button on the vertical underside of the cuff.
  • To unlock cuffs that have been doublelocked, turn the key counter clockwise to unlock the double-lock and then clockwise to unlock the cuff itself.
  • Includes Two Universal Handcuff Keys. Welded Chain with Heat Treated Internal Lock

Available Colors: Black, Chrome, Pink

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