WORKBOOK Enough to Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation

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Whether you want to be the blushing brunt of someone's cruel play scheme or would prefer to control a partner's skintone and body temperature by using erotic humiliation and emotional torment,  This book is required reading!

Princess Kali (the genius behind ) lays out a plethora of perverted parameters to inspire you to brainstorm the ways you would like to use the blush to create a rush!

The companion workbook to Her  original book,  is all the embarrasing, exciting erotic homework you cannot wait to do! Printed on thick, silky paper with a full color cover you will  write out your thoughts and  gain a deeper understanding of your interests.

  • More than 100 Stimulating Questions
  • Negotiation Worksheet
  • Titles & Names Suggestions
  • Verbal Humiliation Vocabulary
  • Masturbation Schedule + Orgasm Request Form
  • Space to write out fantasies
  • Scene Planning + Kinky Wishlist
  • plus more!
  • Erotic Humiliation Ativitiy List -  Includes rompts to help you formulate fantasies involving:
      • objectification
      • embarrasment
      • domestic service
      • chastity and cuckold
      • forced activities
      • and more
  • all levels of experience and interest will enjoy this guide to an often misunderstood realm of power exchange.

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