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Solaced: 101 True Stories about Corsets, Well-Being and Hope - Lucy Williams

Solaced: 101 True Stories about Corsets, Well-Being and Hope - Lucy Williams

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The corset has evolved remarkably through the centuries, and is simultaneously considered a timeless yet antiquated garment in the fashion industry. While corsets are well-known to accentuate the wearer's waist, embracing curves and flattering figures, there’s more to a corset than meets the eye.

This eye-opening read gives a fresh perspective on corsetry as it addresses the controversial hype that has since swept the media. With one testimony at a time, Solaced breaks down the persisting myths and stigmas that have labeled this otherwise effective therapeutic method to be outdated, eccentric, or inhumane.

Discover for yourself how the unassuming corset proved to be the long-awaited answer for many: relieving pain for those who suffer from chronic illness and pain disorders; providing physical protection during frightening mugging attempts and shielding blows from abusive ex-partners; soothing those suffering from deep grief, social disorders, anxiety and PTSD; as well as playing a crucial role toward recovery for survivors of vehicle collisions, stroke, and cancer patients alike.

"Therapeutic support and bracing, when combined with a corset’s aesthetic customizability, comfort, luxuriousness, and elegant appeal, may improve patient compliance and encourage faster rehabilitation overall."

Put simply, good health shouldn't be a last resort. Therapeutic corsetry brings together fashion and function; treatment and tailoring; corrective care and couture. The corset wearers herein choose to throw taboo to the wind, and lace themselves in solace.

  • First Edition. Lucy has carefully compiled these 101 enlightening and uplifting verified stories from real, living corset wearers in the 21st century who have transformed their lives and shown that the corset is a versatile tool—not merely for vanity, but for those seeking alleviation and restoration.
  • Solaced: 101 True Stories about Corsets, Well-Being, and Hope sheds light on firsthand experiences of individuals who defied life's hurdles and wore their corsets as armor—both in a literal and figurative sense—rather than wearing them as shackles. In Lucy's inspiring anthology, every heartrending story is a retelling of strength and determination.
  • Lucy Williams, better known as Lucy Corsetry, is a Canadian independent researcher and designer of modern anatomical corsets. Holding degrees in the health sciences, she has dedicated 15 years of her life to researching and expanding the body of knowledge surrounding the physiological effects of contemporary corsetry and de-stigmatizing the practice of balanced, moderate corset-wear. Lucy is especially passionate about the therapeutic potential of combining medical bracing with the customizability, comfort, and opulence of bespoke slow fashion.
  • Publisher:‎ Middlow Publishing (October 29, 2021)
  • Paperback:‎ 418 pages 
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