Self Adhesive Electrode Pads 4 pk.

Self Adhesive Electrode Pads 4 pk.

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Replacement pads are a great backup for electrical stimulation! Self-adhesive, clean and ready for your playmate(s) even if you are your own playmate.

These pads are soft, adhesive, electrically conductive electrode pads similar to those often used by doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists. The set consists of two pairs of pads, each measuring 2" X 2".
 Sexy Hint: Try two pads on one channel – one on each side of the genitals and feel the energy flow between!
 Each pad is unipolar, with only one connection point and cannot function without another pad or electrode attached to the same channel. These pads require pin leads to function with standard TENS power boxes. These leads will likely require adapters to work with P.E.S. or Folsom boxes

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