Rainbow Limited Edition Pride Flag Round Braid Cat-O-Nine.

Limited Edition Pride Flag Round Braid Cat-O-Nine - Trans Pride

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This is a must have piece for any complete toy bag. Nine impeccably braided leather strands in either suede or leather provide an unmistakable feeling strike each and every time. The tails are approximately 17 inches long and can be solid color or multi-colored.

The single colored tails have a one inch wide leaf tip cut. Multi-colored tails have two slimmer ends each, which offers a slightly different feel.

  • Description: Leather braided flogger with leather handle
  • Occasions: Great for intermediate to advanced players
  • Materials: braided buffalo hide leather

  • Available Colors: Pride Flag Combos
    • Rainbow: This comes with black buffalo as its base with soft deer-tanned tips in all six colors of the pride rainbow. The handle of this gorgeous piece features a 12 plait braid, again featuring all the colors of the rainbow.
    • Trans Pride: Light Blue, White, PInk with Black
    • Nonbinary Pride: Yellow, Purple, White with Black
    • Leather Pride: Blue, Red, White with Black
  • Size Dimensions: 28 falls, each 19 inches in length
  • You could pair this flogger with another one of our IMPACT TOYS.
  • Made in USA
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