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Finger Loop Leather Boa Flogger

Finger Loop Leather Boa Flogger

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This can be worn around the neck like a small feather boa, but transforms into a super thuddy impact play toy made with a mixture of hides in your favorite colors. A great option for folks with wrist, finger, arm and elbow mobility issues, these floggers allow the momentum of the flogger to do most of the work!

    • Buy in pairs to get a perfect rhythm going between both hands for Florentine style flogging
    • Falls: Continuous strand of 30" with thudy squares of leather sewn diagonally
    • Tails made from flat pieces of soft thuddy leather and sute
    • Accessibility: Great for those with smaller hands or wrist/ carpal tunnel issues or anybody who needs a more manageable flogger or persons with difficulty gripping and moving a standard rod handle 
      Endurance: pitchers who want to take the pressure off their wrists for a round between other implements.
    • Available Colors:
      Red / Black
      Black / Black Suede
      Rainbow / Black
      Philly Pride Inclusive rainbow with black and brown
    • Finger loops for easier swing
    • Extraordinary thuddy sensation
    • PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratoirum warranties all non-sale products against defects for 30 days
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