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Save time, money, and mental energy with a cup you can leave in safely all day! The silicone FUN CUP sits in your vagina comfortably and unnoticeably, leaving you free to go about your life.

  • Pack of two ergonomically shaped menstrual cups.  Lightly textures to allow for easy grip. Shaped in such a way that a stem is not required to remove.
  • Awesome for your sexual health. Great for active people—run, swim & dance. Eco-friendly — cuts down on waste. Lightly textured for easy grip. Lasts for years with proper care
  • Materials – Body-safe, non-porous and hypoallergenic medical-grade premium silicone.  
  • Colors: Pink/Aquamarine, Grape/Aquamarine, Pink/Turquoise
  • Sizes: A, B, and Explore 
  • Size A (smaller): 2.1 in, Ø 1.56 in, 0.68 oz / 5,3 cm; Ø 4 cm; 20 ml
    Size B (larger): 2.29 in, Ø 1.7 in, 1.01 oz / 5,8 cm; Ø 4,3 cm; 30 ml
    Explore: One size A, one size B
  • If you have a Fun Cup and these toy wipes on your person at all times, menstruation is so much simpler, more eco friendly, and less of a financial burden.
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  • Comes with antimicrobial bag
  • Designed and handcrafted in Germany

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