Butterfly Crotchless Panty- Assorted

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Give your goodies wings with these whimsical, fun (and naughtier than naked) panties that look noticably naughty on any body! 

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  • Occasions & Styles
    Strictly for playtime, these will not prevent legal violations if your skirt blows up in the wind
    A great accessory for Genital Play as well as for journeys into an adults only nudist environment 

  • Materials & Care:
    Machine washable synthetic elastic and net with sequins. 
  • Available Colors:
    Black or assorted 
  • Available Sizes
    One Size fits to 36" waist, Plus Size fits to 44" waist
  • Out of stock? Only in-stock items show as available on our website. If you would like to order this in an out-of-stock size or color, contact us via the online chat (lower right corner)
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