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Black Iris

Hook Front Black Cotton Cashmere Hourglass Cincher

Hook Front Black Cotton Cashmere Hourglass Cincher

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Perfect for wearing under an outfit as shapewear, or a gorgeous piece as outerwear to show your curves off for cosplay or clubbing fun!

  • Description: Short-length underbust corset with laces on back
  • Occasions: This corset is perfect for parties, cosplay, the club, a night out, or just a bedroom lingerie. It will make you look and feel amazing.
  • Features: 
    • Flexible spiral steel stays for better comfort and form
    • 4 Steel busks
    • Spring steel stays supporting the grommets and busks
    • 3 Layers of fabric: 2 inner layers of high-quality cotton. Middle layer laminated to outer layer for extra strength
    • Waist tape for added support on waistline
    • 6 garter loops (garter straps not included)
    • Laced with black laces or ribbons
  • Available Colors:
    • Black Rose Brocade
  • Available Sizes
    • Hourglass silhouette generally fits those with waist measurements between 4-6: smaller than their natuaral high waist (usually about 1" above the belly button at the smallest waist measurement inches), for those with broader hip and ribcage frames who naturally have a high waist-to-hip ratio.
      For those whose natural silhouettes are slimmer and have a smaller waist-to-hip ratio, see our 
      slim sizes
    • If you’ve never been fitted for a genuine steel-boned corset before, we HIGHLY recommend coming into the store to be fitted by one of our expert staff members. 
  • A pair of thigh high stockings from our intimates collection will add even more flavor to the look.
  • Designer/ Warranty info:
    • Out of stock? Only in-stock items show as available on our website. If you would like to order this in an out-of-stock size or color, contact us via the online chat (lower right corner)
    • Please allow 6-8 weeks for custom orders
    • Comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty which covers any defects in lacing, busks, and fabric.
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