Better Than I Ever Expected AUDIO Joan Price

Better Than I Ever Expected AUDIO Joan Price

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Looking for pleasure in your golden years? Use this guide to help you find the possibilities!

  • Yes, there are challenges to sex after menopause and beyond, says Price, but there are also creative solutions. She is on a mission to let women her age
  • You can, in fact, have the best sex of your life after 60.
  • Get personal and positive accounts with candid comments, tips, and sassy tales from sexually seasoned women.
  • Acknowledgement of the gritty issues that older women confront in their sexual lives, noting that it’s not easy, but it certainly isn’t over.
  • Discover how great “well-seasoned” sex can be 
  • Sidebars present candid and friendly sex tips; fitness, exercise, and lifestyle information; and women's erotic vignettes—both real-life experiences and fantasies.

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