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beGlOSS Perfect Shine

beGlOSS Perfect Shine

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Optimal and professional high gloss and gentle intensive care polish and conditioner in one unique formula will only provide your most precious items with the best products and they will spoil you forever with their Perfect Shine. The care polish refines your latex by sealing the sensitive material after washing and thus protecting it from wear and harmful influences of soap, powders, sweat and sunlight. Sealing, polishing and preserving your latex fashion or gear investment makes beGLOSS shine a leading international brand for rubber product care and skin care

  • Description: Provides shine for a perfect latex high gloss, finishing of latex clothing
  • Occasions: For making your latex clothing look shiny and sexy.
  • Ingredients: 100% Dimethicone
  • Features: 
    • Provides care with Intensive conditioning
    • Sealed for effective protection against everyday wear and harmful influences
    • Odorless, and contains no preservatives and unnecessary additives
    • Suitable for all types of latex (chlorinated latex etc)
    • Practical disc-top closure with economical outlet for easy measuring
    • Bottle with tamper-evident film, hygienically sealed & protected against contamination
  • Available Sizes: 100mL, 250mL
  • We have tons of latex items for you to shine.
  • Out of stock? Only in-stock items show as available on our website. If you would like to order this in an out-of-stock size or color, contact us via the online chat (lower right corner).
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