Latex & Rubber


PASSIONAL Boutique has featured rubber fashions and accessories as a major part of our fashion mix since our inception as Fetishes Boutique in 1996. Since that time our love for latex has evolved and grown for all the right reasons - visual creation, sensation and customizability!

Latex fashions have the magical ability to make anyone wearing them look like a superhero (or she-ro). Body sculpting, shiny and smooth, there is no denying the visual advantage of rubber fashion. The fashions cause your body to conform to a tailored shape but inflatable bust-lines and other unique features can create visual effects that are only limited by what you can dream. 

In addition to the fantastic looks that can be achieved with the many colors, textures and styles of latex fashion, the sensation of lubricating your body and sliding into a latex garment is unlike virtually anything else you will ever experience. Once inside the cocoon of a latex outfit, your body transforms and moves with a constant slick massage against your skin wherever your latex is touching your body.

PASSIONAL  boutique offers latex fashion styles in three major categories of material: standard latex, datex or deproteinized latex. Standard  latex is mostly imported from Europe and is made with sheeting from the natural sap of the rubber plant which is used by most of our latex designers, including DeMask, Skin Two and BabyLoves Latex.

Datex is latex coated spandex that requires no special assistance to put on when wearing (other latex items require lubricant or powder to put on the skin due to traction); Datex can still be shined like other rubbers or can be worn dry to create a “matte” finish resembling leather. Deproteinized latex is a rather recent development made as a result of the fact that some folks are allergic to latex (or have developed a latex allergy, which is common over time and) and all DP products are tagged as safer rubber in our item list.

In deproteinized latex, a protein which is primarily responsible for many latex allergies is removed from the latex compound, thus creating a less allergenic product which can be worn by many who are generally allergic to latex without suffering any adverse effects. Deproteinized latex sheeting is manufactured in Canada and is  only available by special order from BabyLoves Latex, or from MKL and Polymorphe brands at this time, unless special arrangements are made. 

WARNING: Oil and latex do not mix; make sure when trying on or wearing latex that you wash any body oils or lotions off of your body. Silicone dressing aids, cleaners and talcum powder are fashion care supplies recommended for the care and maintenance of latex.