Sensation: Tickle & Prickle

Pinwheels / Wartenberg wheels, feather ticklers, claws, vampire gloves, and fur for sensation play

These lighter sensations can be created by a number of toys and/or materials including feathers, gloves/mittens with fur (or fur like fabric), fur floggers, ball chain ticklers, and prickly vampire gloves (with sharp spikes lined into the palms and fingers). or  Wartenberg nerve pinwheels that derive from neurology but are inexpensive ways to roll a spikey sensation across the skin.

These types of sensation may be preferable to sexplorers who are not into intense “pain” or impact play or as a sensate focus exercise for those who may not really be into BDSM at all. Yet, even for experienced folks who play harder, tickles and prickles can be a particularly tantalizing way to tease a partner.