Sensation Play

Sensation play is an umbrella term for intense, often sexual sensations that are applied to a person to release endorphins and enhance pleasure. 

Facts about Sensation play:

  • Everybody’s neurology is different. What one person finds pleasurable, another may find neutral or even unpleasant.
  • Sexual excitement is a natural painkiller. What translates as pain in a non-excited state may translate differently to the same person when in a state of sexual excitement.
  • Pain is a term that is moralized with a negative connotation. In a more objective sense, this can better be described as degrees of intensity in regards to sensation.
  • In the BDSM world, the term “torture” generally refers to adding intense sensation to the threat of, denial of, or promise of orgasm or pleasure, and often has nothing to do with pain intensity. 
  • There are four other senses that do not involve nerve endings specifically, and playing with all senses (aroma, sound, etc.) can overwhelm or focus physical sensation. 
  • Depriving one or more senses (a.k.a. sensory deprivation) with items like blindfolds or ear plugs can intensify other sensations and senses.