What urge is more human than to fantasize about being someone or something other than who we believe ourselves to be?
Erotic roleplay allows us to shift shapes and take on roles that may be similar or very different to our everyday personas and is both a popular form of stress relief as well as fantasy fulfillment?

Who doesn't at times dream of freedom from human communication or etiquette or of relief from adult human responsibility? By regressing, redressing or invoking a human or non human role, one can escape from mundane pressures and restrictions.

Popular erotic role play fantasies often involve fashion garments that signify authority or compulsory conscription to authority such as military, law enforcement, medical and education related uniforms and cosplay. These collections, however focus on specific tools, toys and accessories used to step out of the ordinary world into the extraordinary realm of sexual fantasies. You will find other flavors to go with these items throughout our Sexploratorium smorgasbord of fetish and fashion collections, but we have added these specific collections for BDSM age players and critter players.