Pride & Gender Accessories

Let your flag fly! Decorate your homestead or your person with PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium's collection of Pride Accessories. 

Our affordable pride flags are 3'x5' and are great for your home decor and pride parade marching needs. All flags are screen printed on polyester for lightweight aerodynamics. Many wear these flags as a capes for a pride events or drag and burlesque performances!

Looking for a more subtle signal to show your involvement or allyship with specific LGBT+ persons or communities with a pin or necklace? Or perhaps you have more prurient interests the leather community and want to use the hanky code to hook up?

Whether hanging your favorite pride flags from your front window or flagging with hankies in a dark bar, our pride accessories (in and of themselves) are as diverse as the passionate people who work for or shop with us. PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploatorium attempts to keep all of the flags in stock, including and especially Philadelphia's More Colors More Pride flag swag.