Passion 101 Online Classes

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The mission of Passion 101 Classes is to provide interactive, educational, and entertaining learning experiences to help better understand sexual techniques, improve the dynamics of relationships/intimacy, practice useful methods of communication, maintain and improve spiritual/physical/sexual health, and to develop an appreciation of diverse sexual expression.

COVID-19 NOTE: Passion 101 Classes are being conducted online until further notice.

Accessibility note: If you would like to attend a class but have accessibility needs, or if you need an ASL or tactile interpreter, please email with 10 days notice, and we will make every attempt to provide interpretation.

Current class curricula focus on four major areas of sexuality:

  • Anatomy/Physiology and Sexual technique
  • Relationships, Psychology, Communication
  • Psychosexual Fantasy/Fetish/BDSM technique
  • Erotic Arts, Performance, Exercise

Some individual classes are offered for specific audiences: i.e. women only, couples only, queer/trans only etc. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, our classes are open to everyone.

For information on how to schedule a presentation or a private consultation with one of our educators, or if you are an educator looking to host a class with us, please email