Latex & Rubber

Latex and rubber is the ultimate fantasy fashion material for cosplayers, kinksters and creative dressers of all types. 

PASSIONAL latex is currently available in three varieties:

  • Standard Rubber- sheeting is created from rubber tree sap and dyed. Usually patterns are cut from the sheeting and glued together
  • Datex- spandex sheeting that has been coated on the exterior with natural rubber
  • Safer Rubber- latex sheeting made from a proprietary formula that has had most of the proteins removed. Some proteins remain (a similar level to a banana or avacado) but many folks who have developed latex protein senstivity can still wear this material. Upon request, we will provide a wristband for you to test this option to see if it is viable for your body chemistry

Caring for latex: 

  • Avoid any contact with sharp objects or any oil based lotions or creams
  • Use powder or silicone glide to get dressed in latex, creating ease of application. Using silicone and water to dip the garment before dressing will remove any powder and put a layer of slip and shine. 
  • Remove the latex when you are ready to wash your body. 
  • Wash thoroughly, towel dry, air dry and then dust with poweder and store in a closed bag to prevent material from sticking to itself until you next wear it. 
  • Do not expose to excessive heat or sun. Should be stored in 70 degrees F 20 degrees C maximum temperature

Additional rubber types we stock:

  • Heavy Rubber - a synthetic waterproof solid neoprene strapping for bondage an accessorizing that is non staining and compatible with latex catsuits  and other styles.
  • Neoprene - A thick spongy waterproof fabric sewn into singlets, harnesses and other garments. Waterproof and easy to clean, however neoprene garments cannot be crushed or permanent creasing may occur.