Genital Play & Chasity

This Sexploratorium collection of sensation and control toys is a catalogue of equipment for the playground between the legs of those who enjoy control of, extreme sensations applied to or merciless teasing of these private body parts.

Genitorture is the general term used to refer to the activity of delivering intense sensation to the genital region. Penis-specific genitorture is known as Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)

  • Tease and Denial or “Edging: Probably the most popular form of genitorture. This involves bringing a person close to climax and stopping prior to orgasm, once or many times, before allowing a person to orgasm. Many vibrators, genital bondage devices (including rope and string) and sensation tools can add thrill and intensity to this type of “torture.” 
  • Orgasm Control: On command or "forced orgasm" is another hot fantasy that can unite a physical and psychological climax.
  • Genital clamping: The genitals are resilient and tend to recover from pain or even injury quickly because that part of the body experiences lots of blood flow. Intensity varies from body to body, so learning what intensity is desirable or endurable by a person is the key to using genital sensations to a full pleasurable effect. Otherwise, there are no specific parts of the genitals that should be avoided when clamping. 
  • Genital piercing: Because there is much more blood flow in the genitals, smaller gauges are recommended and (except in extreme circumstances) less needles used (at least in the beginning). There is also a larger chance that blood vessels and nerves might be hit, resulting in additional (sometimes unintentional) intensity. 
  • Genital stretching: Many people enjoy the sensation of pulling on the labia, testicles and other parts of the genitalia. Weights can be gradually added to clamps or bondage to enhance the sensation of pulling or stretching. 
  • Cock and ball harnesses: Many types of leather and leatherette harnesses exist to provide constraint against an erect penis. Some of these “cock harnesses” are designed to separate the testicles by encircling the scrotal sack separately, or simply to pull the scrotal sac down away from the base of the penis. One such strap is a Parachute Harness, a leather ring that snaps, buckles or velcros around the base of the scrotal sac. Typically it has chains and a ring that allow for weights to be hung from it or ropes to hitch it to a restraint or object. 
  • Compression: Many people enjoy compression of the genitals, and genital bondage is a quite popular form of genital/sensation torture.
    On penis and testicles especially, there is much terrain to compress, and “crushers” exist to sandwich the testicles for example or to squeeze and sandwich the testicless imultaneously. One such clamp is called the Humbler, a clamp that pulls the testicles behind the legs while the wearer is on all fours. The humbler clamps around the base of the testicles and prevents the wearer from standing up straight, thereby keeping them in a “humble” position.

  • Chastity Belts Invented in the middle ages to prevent women from being penetrated while their partners/suitors were not around, the mystery and torture of chastity is a big fetish turn on.
    Penis chastity is currently a much more accessible (kink) practice and product. This is in part because it is easier to design chastity for penises because there is a more narrowly focused area and a smaller range of sizing options necessary. Penis chastity has a huge fetish following with several products in hard or soft shells that actually actively prevent penile erection (although people who can orgasm without erection can still sometimes ejaculate while wearing them). The main brand of penis chastity we sell is the CB brand which is acrylic).  
    Vaginal chastity prevents penetration but not orgasm. Typically designed with a belt around the waist that locks through the legs, these designs lock to the body to prevent vaginal penetration but do not prevent clitoral orgasm