We started our business as Fetishes Boutique in 1996, our focus was clothing and fetishistic accessories for folks involved with BDSM. Since that time, and though many locations and incarnations, PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium works to provide new and seasoned kinksters, fetishists and BDSM practitioners with a variety of tools, equipment and toys. Each of our collections feature a range  of affordable accessories or single use items to connoisseur-level specialty gear. 

Our Fetish collections are almost exclusively sourced from independent designers. Many of these items are hand made by artisans who are working part time from home and as such are limited edition items. If we have the items listed as in stock on this website, get them now or you might miss your chance!

If you are a seasoned fetishist, you will recognize brands like DeMask, Leather By Danny, Aslan Leather, Rapture LeatherTKS, Holo, Flogger Knows Best, ToolWorks, Mr. S., Stockroom, Denber, MKL and more! More affordable brands for newbie erotic explorers include Sportsheets, Sex + Mischief, Master Series, XR and Fetish Fantasy.

Our Bondage collections feature Rope, Scarves & Tape, Collars & Leashes, Cuffs, Blindfolds and starter Bondage Kits in addition to Advanced Restraints like sleep and suspension, straitjackets and bondage furniture. Our Sensation Play collections feature clamps, temperature, tickling, edgeplay and electro-sex items. Our Impact collections feature all of your favorite percussion toys like floggers, crops, canes and to other items that create the basic sensation of thud and sting. The Genital Play collection features items like chastity cages and forced orgasm belts for any body, as well as man penis and testicle specific sensation and restraining devices. Our Role Play collections include a pet and Animal play collection of gear for puppies, kittens, ponies and other creature creations as well as an Ageplay collection focused upon quality ABDL accessories and apparel. 

Whether the world of BDSM play or fetish fantasy is a new or well known part of your life, PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium is here to assist you in finding the tools you need to explore the places you want to go along your journey toward pleasure and adventure.