PASSIONAL Boutique's corsets are all handcrafted with real steel boning and various fabrics. We curate our collections with your style in mind from geeky steampunk looks to futuristic fetish to everyday festival garb  Want to create the look of a top that can be worn with or without other fabric tops for formal looks (combined with suits, dresses, skirts, pants or kilts)? More interested in a corset  as clubwear (when combined with leggings or jeans),  or as  classic burlesque-inspired lingiere  item(when combined with garter suspenders and stockings) for waist training or fanasy fulfillment ? Corsets can even be worn for casual business looks (when combined with slacks or skirts plus a jacket) 

 From feminine styled overbust corsets and corset-dress styles for women and femmes, to masculine style corset vests designed for men and manly shapes that are cut for people with small hips and larger shoulders (great to wear under a jacket or with a dress shirt), PASSIONAL Boutique keeps more than 200 corsets in stock in a range of cloth options from silks and satins to leathers. In addition to our in-stock ready to wear corsets, we offer special request corsets made to order. 

Strong enough for waist training and body modification interests, our corsets are made to be stronger than your belly and to provide  visual and visceral body armor  with stunning silhouettes that tease as they present an impenetrable layer around the body.  Our 200+ ready to wear corsets are available in sizes 18”-48” (sizes XXS-8XL) as stock styles or as specially requested in made-to order options.For styling and care information about PASSIONAL corsets, see our corset blog