Books & Media - Tantra & Spirituality

a naked models back sitting in easy poseSexploratorium's Tantra & Spirituality collection includes nonfiction books, DVDs and audio focused upon the intersections of sexuality, mindfulness and spiritual practices. All works with a primary focus on mindfulness, spiritual practice or religious belief are featured in this collection, even if they feature secondary themes such as BDSM, marriage, etc. 

Although works in this broad category of teachings, meditations and traditions that have historically focused in binary notions of "masculine" and "feminine" energy, monogamous, cisgender, heterosexual expectations, Sexploratorium has focused on titles that approach these topics from as inclusive a lens as possible, while continuing to offer historical texts and classic research and interpretations of these topics.

Nonetheless, please understand that we offer the best information we can find for all of our customers, in spite of the linguistic limitations of certain texts. We recognize that in production and marketing of informational texts, language is often used that is presumptive or exclusionary, specifically to gender non-conforming and non-heterosexual people.

We continue to offer these resources in spite of often imperfect or specifically targeted language because there is valuable information and benefit contained in many of these books that we have yet to find formatted in a more inclusive manner. While we continue to encourage authors and media creators to expand the use of inclusive, positive language in future editions of current texts, we also welcome suggestions for alternative titles we can offer.

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