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PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium is committed to providing intelligent books and media (including audiobooks and DVDs) on the topics of pleasure, identity, fantasy, health, art and body-positive fashion and expression.

We stock paper media and audio books for the entertainment and educational pursuits of passionate explorers hungry for information and affirmation.

From artistic illustrations to skill-enhancing primers our books, audio and video titles are curated to enhance and express personal style, affirm personal identity, spark creativity and assist in creating roadmaps to pleasure, health and wellbeing.

Whether you are looking to learn more about a specific craft or technique, or you want to indulge in a feast of fantasy fiction or pictorials, we hope you will find inspiration and information in our selections of books and media that focus on the themes of style, identity, creativity, inclusivity and wellness and pleasure.

Passionate people from many walks of life use and recommend many of these books and resources as guides in affirming and including identities, expressing individual style, sparking creative juices  and improving health - both physically and emotionally!

In our own media and publications, we attempt to use body and identity affirming language and etiquette. These vocabularies and cultural expectations constantly evolve,  but we try to keep our efforts body, identity and pleasure-positive. 

We believe that:

  1. Anatomy is separate from identity - the body a person is born with does not indicate whether a person identifies as male, female or gender neutral. We attempt to use gender affirming language that acknowledges this reality.
  2. Bodies (and minds) are not perfect but accepted. Regardless of physical ability, illness or infection, size, skin pigment or age, all bodies deserve to experience as much fantasy and pleasure as the person who owns the body desires to experience. We attempt to use positive speech and avoid language that is shaming.
  3. Information is valuable. There is much misunderstanding and debate regarding human anatomy and psychology, so we attempt to provide relevant information to assist in individual journeys.

We offer the best information we can find for all of our customers, in spite of the lingual limitations of certain texts. We recognize that in production and marketing of informational texts, language is often used that is presumptive or exclusionary, specifically to gender non-conforming and non-heterosexual people.

We continue to offer these resources in spite of often imperfect or specifically targeted language because there is valuable information and benefits contained in many of these books that we have yet to find formatted in a more inclusive manner. While we continue to encourage authors and media creators to expand the use of inclusive, positive language in future editions of current text, we also welcome suggestions for alternative titles we can offer.

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