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Archer is a packer that features a high level of true to life detail. It is made with high-quality ultra-hygienic soft density silicone, to have a realistic feel.  

  • Medium-sized, soft density, circumcised packer that comes in a variety of skin tones.  Designed to be compact and realistic, this original design features over 85 skinfolds and asymmetrical realism.
  • This is a prosthetic penis and testicles, which can be helpful in alleviating bottom-dysphoria for folks who were born without them.  They are also used by drag performers looking to have a realistic bulge while performing. 
  • Made of high quality silicone Archer is designed to be worn in underpants or a packing harness.
  • Colors available: Caramel, Cashew, Chocolate, Hazelnut
  • Size:    Total Length 5.2"
                 Penis length 4.75"
                 Width at maximum point 2"
  • Archer is circumcised, if you are looking for an uncircumcised packer please check out Pierre.  Pair it with this packing strap from Aslan Leather, and live your truth. 
  • Speaking of living your truth, find even more gender affirming products in our Pride & Gender Expression Collection!
  • Check out this YouTuber's review on The Archer here!
  • New York Toy Collective is an LGBT+ Owned company based in New York.  New York Toy Collective creates high-quality intimacy toys and products for all forms of gender affirmation

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