Sensation: Clips & Clamps

This Sexploratorium collection includes nipple, clit, and other body clamps that are often sold in pairs as nipple clamps or “tit clamps.” An advantage of these tools for persons who enjoy pinching and biting sensations is that having additional (often adjustable) pinchers to do the nibbling, frees up the hands and the mouth to do double duty. More intense players sometimes create “zippers” with multiple clamps for added sensation and the creation of predicaments. Many medical clamps also provide similar sensations with added context, and are also included as part of this collection.

Clip tips: Many of our clamps are sold with rubber tips on the ends of the metal clips. These rubber tips are intended to protect the skin from abrasion or cutting of jagged metal edges of some clamps that were originally created for industrial use. However, because most of the clamps we sell are adjustable, these rubber tips can get sweaty and cause the clips to suddenly fall off the body, which for many people is more painful than having the clamps intentionally and gradually removed. Therefore, for many uses, it is perfectly safe and sometimes preferable to remove the tips from the clips.