Roleplay: Animal

Animal Role Play Animal role play is a subcategory of BDSM roleplay that involves the bestialization or assumption of an animal archetype of one or more players. There are many creative versions of this, and many players who invoke an animal character report a complete transformation of mindset, often one that transcends spoken language and typical human communication methods. Here are some of the most common:

  • Puppy Play: Cuddly, affectionate, mischievous, playful, and sometimes naughty, many people idolize or even envy the role of household pet. A huge fetish role play community exists (with its own contests, etc.), and they are regular buyers of items like puppy hoods, mitts, knee pads, cages, muzzles, bone gags, toys, boots, collars, tails, etc. and occasionally old-school training toys that would be illegal to use on an actual canine animal in our current world. From puppy piles to kenneling and training, canine mammals hold their own special universe of erotic possibilities. 
  • Kitten play: playful, pretty, youthful and often feminine, kittens often dress with ears, tails, collars and contact lenses and emulate cats and people who like playing with them. 
  • Pony Play: Often quite choreographed and theatrical, pony players adopt the leather bondage gear, boots, fashions and whips/implements that are used by horses and riders. Advanced versions can include carts, shoulder saddles and lots of custom costuming. Common items incorporated are stiletto footwear, hoof or wedge boots, corsets, leather body harnesses, bits, reigns, hoof gloves, hoods, headpieces, bridles for the equine player and riding boots, tight leggings, jackets and riding caps and crops for the rider or “handler.” The unique aesthetic is only one of the many possible appeals to pony play. For some it may also be about being a role of service or displaying physical strength.