Roleplay: Ageplay

Tired of the stress of adulting? Ageplay, also known as littles play is a great vacation from the sometimes overwhelming responsibilities associated with adulthood. This fetish community takes on many shapes and forms from ABDL (adult baby/diaper lovers), to middles, to brat play and beyond!

In the Sexploratorium Ageplay fetishes collection, find accessories, apparel and toys that sate the desires and demands of your inner child!

Age Play: A common element of power exchange and BDSM is “inequality” and for many in the BDSM world, age can be one expression of unequal experience, power, etc. Many role play fantasies involve people of varying ages or relationships. Common characters might be Daddy/Mommy and daughter/son, or Teacher/student, Babysitter/child, etc. 

  • Littles: a term used by ageplayers who enjoy playing a childlike role. Often these people enjoy clothing and toys that emulate that of children both in sexualized and non-sexualized versions. 
  • AB/DL is a community that comprises of two different but often overlapping demographics: Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers. Adult Babies are people who role play infantilism, infant to toddler aged people, and often use infantile items like bottles, sippy cups, diapers, plastic pants, onesies, rattles, pacifiers, etc. Diaper Lovers are those who fetishize the wearing and/or using of diapers. While most Adult Babies are Diaper Lovers, not all Diaper Lovers identify as Adult Babies.