Impact Canes & Crops

Riding crops  are the quintessential fetish and impact accessory to immediately invoke an air of dominance and control when held in hand. From flat tipped bats to stingy dressage crops, these affordable mass-produced impact tools are popular as much for their symbolism as much as their sensation, and are often the first impact tool a beginner will invest in. 

The fear of and fascination with canes as a sensation toy or tool of terror is well documented in pop culture and kinky erotica. Considered a tool for more advanced play, canes provide intense, stingy sensation that will easily leave marks regardless of whether they are made of rattan, wood, metal, plastic, leather, nylon, or delrin. Caning also provides fuel for many fetishistic fantasies from scenarios of schoolroom discipline, woodshed punishment and even public punishment.   

These collections supply a range or sensations for a range of roles and reactions, both physical and emotional.