Educational & Entertainment Services

Sexploratorium's educational services are immersive workshops or party game activities created and hosted to foster collaboration, communication, skill-building and creative problem solving. Our Passion 101 Classes happen each week in our store or online, but you can bring the educational experiences to your private organization, household or gathering with aPassion 101 Presentation on a topic of your choice. 

For those working or studying on the collegiate level, Sexploratorium has created the Sexual Intelligence College Outreach Program with curriculum specifically tailored to groups of young adults in an academic setting. 

For those seeking more entertainment than education, we host bachelorette parties , birthdays and showers

In addition to store-sponsored programming, we allow community groups and customers to rent our third floor  Community Room Remtal in Philadelphia or $25 per hour up to 3 hours (weddings, collarning ceremonies and showers are just some of the uses we have offered in the past) or on a donation basis for non-profit support groups.