Books & Media - Sexuality

Sexploratorium's collection of books, DVDs, and audio books focused on Sexuality features educational nonfiction about anatomy, physiology, neurology and psychology of sexual pleasure and fantasy. 

Sexploratorium offers sex how-to advice and research from sexuality experts to help you activate your understanding of the diversity of human personal pleasure zones with confidence. From detailed texts on the penis, prostate, vulva and vagina, to campy-picture-rich "marriage guide" style books focused upon cisgender heterosexual relationships, you can choose your favorite flavor of how-to advice served in portions that keep your appetite for learning sated.

If you are more interested in research and science pertaining to the emotional and cultural aspects of sexuality and fantasy, you will find academic analysis and studies of fantasy, arousal and sexual activity or customs. 

Sexploratorium has created this collection to share methods and practices to improve the capacity for individual human bodies to experience pleasure. To that end, we are limited by the materials available on any given topic. We have included some materials that should have used more inclusive language than they do in their current editions. We have reached out to authors and editors of these materials to request updates, but in order to provide valuable information that is not available elsewhere to our knowledge we have maintained these works.

If you have suggestions for titles we don't carry, or comments/criticism of the works we do sell, please reach out to us at