Vondage Vegan Hog Tie

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You may want to tie your favorite sub up like a hog -- and even make them squeal like one -- but that doesn’t mean that you want to hurt any real animals in the process.

  • This hogtie is the perfect way to bring your bondage fantasies to life while keeping the action neat, clean, and vegan.
  • Made from a high-tech leather substitute, the tie is strong enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic squirming and wiggling
  • Four nickel-plated rings give you secure points to cuff the sub quickly and firmly so that you can take your pleasure with a minimum of fuss.
  • Safety, Care & Usage:
    • With a damp wash cloth and hand soap, rub down the vegan microfiber material
    • Dry completely.
    • Do not expose material to excessive heat.

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