Vondage Vegan Ankle Cuffs

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Strap these cuffs on your favorite sub’s ankles to keep them wandering away without permission, or to get them in just the right position for an evening’s pleasure.

  • Designed especially for the discriminating vegan dominant, they’re as firm and flexible as real leather, but without any of the ethical or practical problems that come with animal products.
  • The cuffs are 2½" wide and fit ankles from 6" to 12½".
  • With nickel-plated locking buckles, you can securely attach your partner to the nearest attachment point to take advantage of them at your luxury.
  • Safety, Care & Usage:
    • With a damp wash cloth and hand soap, rub down the vegan microfiber material and dry completely.
    • Do not expose material to excessive heat.

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