The Story Of O  Pauline Reage

The Story Of O Pauline Reage

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How far will a woman go to express her love? In The Story of O, an exquisite classic novel of passion and desire, the answer emerges through a daring exploration of the deepest bonds of sensual domination.

“O” is a beautiful Parisian fashion photographer, determined to understand and prove her consuming devotion to her lover, René, through complete submission to his every whim, his every desire.

  • A journey of forbidden, dangerous choices that sweeps her through the secret gardens of the sexual underground.
  • Forced Anal, Oral, Vaginal Intercourse
  • Intense Discipline and Punishment Scenes
  • Erotica Book
  • BDSM Novel
  • Fetish Fiction
  • Originally published anonymously in 1954
  • 2013 Paperback  196 pages

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