The Human Pony Rebecca Wilcox

The Human Pony Rebecca Wilcox

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Equestrian fetish play is a gorgeous, athletic and well appointed sport that is as fun to watch as it is to participate. Beautiful corsets, footwear, harnesses, headgear and other lavish accessories can add to the drama, but just a piece of rope and the right attitude is all that it takes for two beings to enjoy the "headspace" of pony and trainer

Renowned pony mistress, Rebecca Wilcox, has distilled her decades of experience into a comprehensive, photographically illustrated introduction to outfitting and training the human pony boy and pony girl. If you have read the erotic accounts by Ann Rice or seen illustrations depicting the human form in tack, you are in for a treat with this photo-heavy beautiful volume. An essential addition to the library of any serious kinkster or student of human sexuality.

Includes information and advice on

  • terminology
  • headspace and communictaion
  • inspriation
  • equipment
  • scene development
  • handling
  • grooming
  • training
  • fully illustrated with lavish photography
  • glossary
  • 2008 Paperback  139 pages

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