The Crystal - 5/8" x 30" acrylic BDSM spanking cane

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The Crystal is so named in part because of the way it catches the light and low-key glitters; people witnessing it in use regularly warm our hearts with their oooing and awwing.

  • The Crystal is a 5/8" thick, 30" long light-catching beauty of a beater, constructed from a single twisted rod of solid acrylic with a blunted tip. 
  • Its padded thermoplastic-sheathed handle, thick and lightly contoured for a better grip, is built around the rod itself for peak solidity.
  • Decorative touches include a paracord wrist strap, as well as a pommel stone in a coordinating color.
  • Given its size and relative weight, the Crystal is definitely on the side of thud. 
  • This is not a cane for beginners, or for playing with bottoms who don't enjoy pain. 
  • This one is for moderate to heavy masochists who can handle deep thud along with the edge of sting inherent to the smack of any cane. 
  • The Crystal's twistiness adds distinctly unusual and interesting layers to the sensations the cane creates, since the twists give the rod a sort of bumpy or nubbly effect. 
  • Acrylic has many of the advantages of other synthetic plastics used in making BDSM toys: notably, it's germ-resistant and easy to clean. 
  • Despite its sheer thickness, this cane, given its bumpiness, can draw some blood if used with a lot of strength at enough length; if the rod comes into contact with any real amount of blood, we recommend cleaning it thoroughly with alcohol and letting it sit for three or four weeks before using it on a different bottom.
  • You can thump away to your heart's content with this one; we're confident that (as long as you refrain from working out your frustrations with it on metal or other hard inanimate surfaces), it will not break in even the most vigorous play with a consenting partner. 
  • We do urge you never to use it in fire play, or otherwise near open flames, as acrylic is flammable.
  • By default, our handles are contoured for right-handed tops. 
  • Pair the Crystal with an equally stingy FLOGGER.
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